Weekend Wishlist – Beretta 687 EELL Classic

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If you want a plain workhorse, look away now…⁠ ⁠ 💥 Beretta 687 EELL Classic 💥⁠ ⁠ The side plates feature beautiful, deep relief, scroll engraving around semi-circular cameos of pheasant and partridge; the two birds being featured on either … Read More

Weekend Wishlist – Blaser F16 Heritage Game

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Richly adorned… deluxe side-plates… bold laser-engraving… spectacularly figured wood… so much to say about this Blaser F16 Heritage Game gun!! 🙌 💥 12 gauge 💥 32″ barrels 💥 Multi-briley-chokes 💥 Cased Who would LOVE to add this to their collection?! … Read More

Weekend Wishlist – Browning Heritage Hunter

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⭐️ Browning Heritage Hunter ⭐️ This beautiful 20 gauge shotgun uses the Browning 525 action with an addition of some stunning engraved sideplates 👌 Intricate scenes featuring woodcock on one side and partridge on the other, along with scroll engraving … Read More

Weekend Wishlist – Miroku MK11 Game Sideplate

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It had to be the Miroku MK11 Game Sideplate 💪⁠ ⁠ Featuring intricate game scenes, this 12 gauage O/U is like a fine hand-crafted jewel that you’ll never tire of admiring 💎⁠ ⁠ 💥 Bold engraving⁠ 💥 Slender Action⁠ 💥 … Read More

Weekend Wishlist – Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon V

NEW NEW NEW – the Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon evolves with the new V version 👌⁠ ⭐️ 12 gauge⁠ ⭐️ 32″⁠ ⭐️ Right Handed⁠ ⭐️ Multi Choked⁠ ⭐️ The top of the range of Beretta’s “standard” over-and-under shotguns!⁠ Fine engravings … Read More

Weekend Wishlist – Rizzini Round Body Regal de Luxe

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This week it goes to a simply stunning & incredibly eye catching game gun oozing quality 👌 Introducing the Rizzini Round Body Regal de Luxe 💥💥 Based on the long-awaited side plated version of the already popular Round Bodied EM, … Read More