Weekend Wishlist – Custom Browning B25

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🌟 Weekend Wishlist!! 🌟

Every Friday we want to share with you our top picks for your Weekend Wishlist! 🤩

To kick things off we have a one of a kind Browning B25. Hand made and custom built in Belgium, with the most incredible engraving by one of Browning’s very best craftsmen – Dany Matagne.

‘For this weapon, my intention was to turn to good account the reflection of ducks on the surface of the water to play with colours. Taken refuge shielded from reeds, among water lilies, birds and plants are inlayed with gold, silver, palladium and copper. Side-plates represent on one hand a green winged teal and a common golden eye. On the bottom appears a mallard and on the head of the trigger guard you can see a pintail, even some mosquitoes participate in the tranquilities of the moment…’

It took an outstanding 238hrs to complete and, I’m sure you’ll agree, it really is a thing of beauty 😍


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