We may have found the PERFECT gundog training vest!

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Overheating, bulky, lack of adequate pockets… sound familiar?? 🤔

Well not any more… we have searched high and low for the perfect gundog training vest and think we may have finally found it! 🤩

Developed together with professional trainers, the Pinewood Dog Sports Vests are highly functional, light weight, and perfect for those who enjoy an active life with dogs or gundog activities, training and competitions 🐶

The first thing that needs to be noted is that this vest has no lack of pockets! We counted 15 in total! With a variety of spacious options for dummies, water bottles, leads, whistles, and anything else you may need! 🙌

Magnetic closure on the pockets keeps everything secure when moving around, allowing you to focus on the task at hand 👌

Another feature worth mentioning is the hardwearing, super lightweight material, with a mesh section across the back and under the arms for extra comfort. Keeping you cool on warmer days but leaving plenty of room for layers during winter training 😎

As part of our increasingly popular new Gundog Range, we stock the Pinewood training vest in Green & Plum – allowing you to blend in or stand out! 😁

View the full range HERE!

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