Thermal Imaging – is it really worth the expense?

Unsure about whether thermal imaging is worth it for you? We asked one of our most loyal customers, and experienced hunter, Jim Tovey, to run through why its such a game changer…

Thermal Imaging units give you an interpretation of radiated heat/heat gradient given off by a body, unlike InfraRed (IR) which is a reflection of IR light. Imaging can vary greatly due to a range of variables including: heat insulation/masking, reflection, sensitivity of thermal sensors and range to target to name a few. Generally, as with most things, the more you spend the better the image and the quality of the unit.  But why should you spend the extra? Is it worth it?

There are two great advantages of thermal over day scopes and IR. Firstly, its penetration into foliage for improved game acquisition. At most times of year you can spot the heat source of birds in trees, rabbits on the ground and muntjacs wandering that you would never pick up by eye.

Secondly, and most importantly, the speed by which you can view an area and pick out sources of interest. Whether a twitcher looking for dippers in a stream, a pest controller looking for varmint or a hunter looking for their next rabbit, fox or deer; thermal can allow you to scan a daylight, dim or completely dark area in seconds, allowing you to prepare long before your target is aware of you.

Yes – like everyone else, before I part with my hard earned money, I would recommend taking the opportunity to see what they’re really like…look, feel and function. And at the recent R&B Open Evening – with full dark outside the shop, that’s just what I and many others did.

R&B holds an excellent stock of Thermal Imaging equipment for ALL levels of use, handheld and mounted. Primarily IRAY and PULSAR equipment offering excellent build quality and functionality, some quite basic and some with bells and whistles.

Pulsar Helion 2’s, Thermion 2’s, Accolades, Axions, Kryptons and others including the Pulsar IR Digex range – the comparison was great to have.

Along with Pulsar, R&B stock IRAY units which provide a very good and easy to use handheld. Press the power button and you’re up and away! Easy to slip in and out of a pocket or pouch, with an inbuilt battery there’s no swapping and dropping spare batteries. Simple to use and can take a bit of punishment with several colour palettes to comfort the eye, with contrast and brightness settings to match.

In my opinion, for what I need to achieve, Thermal is an acquisition game changer.  Take the time to talk to the team at the shop and get the best advice on what you need…tell them Jim sent you!

If you are a wildlife watcher, gamekeeper, hunter or just interested in the world around you, once you use thermal you’ll see so much more of the wildlife you’ve been missing.

To view the full PULSAR range – click HERE

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