Pard NV007V Night Vision 16mm 4x Scope Attachment


The Pard NV007A Series Rifle Scopes Attachments have been designed to be highly performant and portable being able to attach easily and work well, this makes the NV007A a great choice.


The NV007V features a high definition OLED screen capable of offering images and footage with incredible clarity as well as accurate colours. The scope can record as well to the expandable storage so the important moments are not forgotten, this can be expanded up to 128GB. In addition to this a further feature of Wifi Connectivity allows the scope to be linked to mobile devices enabling control on the fly as well as a further display, only adding to the large list of features.

  • High Definition OLED 1024X768 Screen
  • Wifi Connectivity / Smart Phone Control
  • HD Video Recording Function
  • Up to 128Gb External Storage
  • 45mm Scope Adapter


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