Beretta Terrain Hull Pouch


The Terrain Hull pouch from Beretta features natural canvas cotton and leather with functional details. The belt pays homage to the brand DNA, featuring the iconic Beretta Shoulder Strap colours.

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The Terrain Hull Pouch from Beretta.

The main fabric is canvas cotton enriched with fine leather details, and all the products are lined with a soft touch resistant lining in Beretta institutional blue color. The Beretta logo is discreetly embossed on the leather and these accessories pay homage to the brand DNA thanks to the Iconic Beretta shoulder strap inspired details. All the buttons and buckles are in antique brass, to add a rich and sophisticated touch.

>Leather trims and details.
>Beretta logo embossed on the leather.
>Adjustable belt in Iconic “Beretta Shoulder straps color”.
>Antique brass buckle with leather cover.
>Expandable front pockets with two compartment, one for the full cartridges and one for the empty ones.
>Back zip to unload the empty cartridges.


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