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Meet the Team! 👋

A lot more of you lovely followers have joined us recently so we thought we’d introduce ourselves properly! 😁⁠

First up… the boss… Mr F… Rob is the main man here at R&B!⁠

A hunter, clay smasher, instructor and all-round countryside lover, Rob’s knowledge and love for all things shooting was ignited by his father and school at the tender age of 10. Winning multiple national competitions in his teens and qualifying as an instructor at 18.⁠

Fast forward a few years (!) and his exceptional and detailed knowledge of guns, rifles and their accessories has enabled Rob to establish and successfully grow the business largely via word of mouth and recommendation.⁠

Partial to a cappuccino and the occasional KFC, Rob is also a busy Dad of three and husband to Clare. Helping out as assistant coach to his eldest son’s footie team in Hereford and catching as many Liverpool games as he can… as well as plenty of clay smashing, hunting and game shooting of course!⁠

💥 Favourite gun: Browning V25 Diana 20g⁠
🍸 Favourite drink: G&T⁠
📍 Most commonly found: In the shop!⁠
🦸‍♂️ Chosen superpower: Being a Jedi ⁠
😮 Fact that would surprise people: Doesn’t like whisky!⁠

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