SALE! Grubs Boots now £38

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Grub Boot

Hurry hurry! selected Grub’s Boots are now on SALE!

These quality boots feature a reinforced toe, vibram sole and 5mm insu-foam ultra….ideal for our lovely British weather!

Each Grubs Boot is hand finished and the boot uppers are made from a material called Chloroprene. It is a high grade neoprene material that is commonly used and most recognisable for manufacturing wetsuits.


Starting from outside, the boot upper features a stretchy band that reduces the flow of cold air going inside the boot ensuring your foot stays warm at all times. To protect the neoprene material from snagging, layers of rubber are bonded to the neoprene that also forms an extremely stable and watertight structure. As you look inside the boots you will find a layer of mesh material that forms a barrier between you and the neoprene that traps pockets of air to help with the insulation. The boots also come with a 6mm removable inner sole that provides excellent cushioning and insulation.

Call 01989 763859 to reserve your pair!

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